Being  born  an  artist , one has  no choice  but to eventually P2200007Start  doing  art. Coming  from  cuba  I  enjoy working with colors  and  shapes to create  design.  Over  the  last  couple  of  years  I  have  been  enjoying  doing art on paper .  I have come to enjoy the medium intensely.  It allows me to explore the universe verse  both the internal and external universe.  I use various types of ink including India ,  watercolor , and acrylic.  Using  a  Chinese  brush I apply  the  ink to the  paper  and  overlay it  with  pen and ink designs  that  enhances the depth of  the  painting. Prior to art on paper , my preferred  medium  in the execution  of  my  enjoyment was glass. In which I use  new techniques and ideas to create elegant works of art that are  very contemporary in  a  traditional  medium.